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July 31, 2012

// Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to Razor Bumps

It’s no secret that maintaining a hairless body takes quite a lot of energy and effort. It’s not easy. Whether we decide to shave, tweeze or wax, it is pretty much a guarantee that there is going to be some pain involved. The biggest problem, however, is not the hair removal process itself, but rather the after effects. Read More

July 4, 2012

// Hair Removal

Let Light Sheer™ write your Summer Wonderland

We all know the “Winter Wonderland” song. So, since the weather outside is so delightful, why isn’t there a “Summer Wonderland” song for us all to sing? Okay, so there are TONS of songs about the summer – but apparently, not everyone is singing its praises. And, why is that, you ask?

“It’s time for swimsuits, shorts and skirts alright,” replied one of my friends, who would prefer to remain anonymous, after reading my “Enjoy Your Triple ‘S’ Wardrobe” blog from a few weeks ago. “The only problem with that,” she continued, “is that I look horrible wearing any of that stuff.” Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing her in any “triple S” outfit. Read More