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October 30, 2012

// Unwanted Fat

Have A Happy And Healthy Halloween!

This week marks the return of ghouls, goblins, ghosts and guts! Especially when referring to what many of us will be stuffing full of candy this week, the last on that list is the one we should all be most afraid of this Halloween. In our constant efforts to keep fit, the act of trick-or-treating can pose quite a threat. Read More

October 23, 2012

// Skin Care

Digging Deep For Beauty

They say “it’s hard to be humble”. It’s also tough to be terrific. Ladies, you know what I mean. If we want to keep ourselves in tip-top shape, we have to work on it like crazy. It takes quite the effort. And let’s be honest. Sometimes, we just want to curl up on the couch – not hit the gym – after a long day at work. Read More

October 16, 2012

// Skin Care

Fun Ways To Fully Enjoy The Fall

With fall in full swing (literally – there are leaves flying around everywhere!), we are naturally going to find new things to do with ourselves. Sunbathing is out. Even though it should never really be a past time anyway. And the chances of us enjoying the outdoors are becoming slimmer. At least for those of us who aren’t friends with the cold! Read More

October 7, 2012

// Skin Care

Start Your Autumn Skin Care Routine

It’s beginning to look a lot like…well, not Christmas just yet. But with Thanksgiving weekend just passing, it’s clear that the summer is well behind us. The leaves are changing colour and there is definitely a chill in the air. Autumn, of course, is certainly here. Now, as I’m sure you know, that doesn’t mean to put your sunscreen away. Read More

October 1, 2012

// Skin Care

Veggies & Fruits Keep Your Skin Young & Smooth

We ladies sure do like to worry a lot about our skin. But as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, so many of us forget to put on that sunscreen when leaving the house for the day. Yes, even during the fall and winter seasons, sunscreen is necessary. Hey, you want to keep yourself looking young, smooth and supple, don’t you? Read More