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March 29, 2016

// Skin Care

The SkinTx Skin Treatment System Boasts Better Results!

It isn’t very difficult to find yourself a skin moisturizer. Your local drug stores and supermarkets are bound to carry a wide variety of skin creams and lotions that all purport to help keep your skin soft, smooth and luxurious. But what brands are truly able to follow through on their promises? After all, isn’t the inevitable goal to maintain the health and youthfulness of your skin? To tell you the truth, not all skin care products are considered equal.

At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we seek to provide our patients with as much pertinent information as possible when it comes to skin care. As well, we also offer a line of skin care products that, in our experience, simply can’t be beat. The products we offer don’t just work to keep skin smooth and soft, but they help to reverse the signs of aging while restoring damaged skin. There’s one product, in particular, that we’d like to focus on today.

What is the SkinTx Skin Treatment System? This incredible skin care system is heralded as the “gold standard” in skin rejuvenation. It works as a daily skin restoration system that has successfully corrected such skin conditions as hyperpigmentation, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone, skin laxity and acne at the cellular level. The SkinTx Skin Treatment System can credit its success to its powerful combination of ingredients.

What ingredients are found in the SkinTx Skin Treatment System? The combination of Retinol, Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, Tazarotene, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C helps to restore skin’s vitality. This unique combination has long yielded remarkable results, making the SkinTx Skin Treatment System one that is recognized and endorsed by industry leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons for its pharmaceutical quality, ease of use and consistent results.

What are the different products associated with the SkinTx Skin Treatment System? There is actually a long list of incredible skin care products offered by SkinTx. They include sunscreen lotions, toners, foaming gels, exfoliants, acne treatment lotions, gentle cleansers and moisturizers just to name a few. When used as a system, the products work together to effectively balance pH and penetrate the layers of the skin revealing superior results.

What have customers said about the SkinTx products they’ve purchased? On DermStore.com, there are several customer reviews that cover a variety of SkinTx products. As you may have guessed, they’re all highly favourable. “This cleanser is hands down the best cleanser I have ever used. I have generally sensitive and oily skin, and this works so great of my skin,” one writes about the Gentle Cleanser, “I recommend this product for all skin types.”

“This is a great product. I had tried many dermatologist recommended creams and washes, but they all stung or made things worse,” offers another very satisfied customer who purchased the Acne Treatment Lotion, “This cream doesn’t irritate or burn and it works super fast!” The lotion utilizes a 5% benzoyl peroxide and witch hazel combination that works to reduce acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation.

For more information about the SkinTx Skin Treatment System, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.

March 23, 2016

// Hair Removal

5 Side Effects Of Shaving That Make Laser Hair Removal Worthwhile

With spring now here, many of us will be encouraged to imagine ourselves in clothing that is more in keeping with enjoying the warm weather. In other words, tank tops, shorts, skirts and even bikinis are on schedule to be worn in the coming months. Of course, it’s not exactly time to put away all of the mitts and toques just yet. But the summer will be here before you know it! And what generally comes along with showing more skin in the summertime?

Shaving. Let’s all admit it. We’d much prefer to keep ourselves hairless if we’re going to expose our legs, arms and underarms to the world. The winter affords us opportunities to cover up and shave a lot less. But when it’s too hot to bundle up, we’re often left with no choice but to shave. Or are we? The Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre offers laser hair removal via the LightSheer™ Hair Laser allowing patients to do away with shaving!

The LightSheer™ Hair Laser is a revolutionary treatment in the management of unwanted hair thanks to its patented chill tip. It protects the skin and makes the treatment virtually painless. The same thing can’t be said for the razor. This is what makes laser hair removal such a worthwhile alternative. Constant shaving produces a long list of side effects that makes people wish they never had to shave at all. And we can’t say we blame them!

Here are five side effects of shaving that make laser hair removal worthwhile:

1. Razor bumps. It should come as a surprise to no one that razor bumps often result from shaving. This is especially true when a dull razor is being used on dry skin. Razor bumps have the appearance of a rash and they often cause skin to be very itchy and painful. Needless to say, razor bumps aren’t exactly an ideal alternative to the strands of hair that are removed thanks to shaving.

2. Ingrown hairs. Although they’re not a whole lot different than razor bumps in terms of their appearance, ingrown hairs occur when hair attempts to grow back but gets trapped within its follicle. Instead of protruding through the skin as it’s supposed to, the hair curls around and starts to grow into the skin. This can cause extreme irritation and soreness. Ingrown hairs can be especially prevalent with those who shave frequently.

3. Nicks, cuts and scratches. It goes without saying that razors, by their very nature, are sharp. As a result, you’re often removing more than just hair when you shave. Not only can layers of skin be scraped off by a razor, but it’s commonplace for nicks, cuts and scratches to occur. Of course, it’s important to use a razor with extreme caution, especially when deciding to shave sensitive areas of the body.

4. Ongoing expenses. Not every side effect of shaving is physical. It’s actually quite expensive to maintain a constant shaving routine. Consider the fact that when people dedicate themselves to their grooming techniques, they’re usually in it for life. That means a lifetime of buying razors, shaving cream, moisturizers and other products that help to maintain the smooth and hairless look.

5. Time loss. Naturally, shaving doesn’t just cost you money. It cost you time as well. Imagine the amount of time you’d save by never having to shave again. The more hair you have to shave, the more time you’re spending doing it. Arms, legs, underarms and other parts of the body require delicate and precision shaving so as to not cause any of the other side effects to take place. This is always a time-consuming venture.

For more information on how the LightSheer™ Hair Laser can rid you of the side effects of shaving, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.

March 15, 2016

// Skin Care

Choosing Blue-U To Do Away With Acne

For most of us, acne is a problem we experience during our adolescence. We see it as a nuisance and, at worst, an embarrassment, depending on how much acne appears on our faces. Commonly referred to as “zits” or “pimples”, these reddish bumps don’t do much for our appearances, but are generally considered harmless. Unfortunately, not everyone’s battle with acne is so simple and short-lived.

For those who experience stubborn acne, which can appear not just on their faces, but on their necks, backs and other parts of the body, further steps need to be taken to eradicate the appearances of zits and pimples. At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we highly recommend Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy, which is a special skin therapy that combines topically applied Levulan (ALA) and blue light to eliminate acne and precancerous skin lesions.

How does Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy work? The therapy utilizes therapeutic blue light to selectively target and destroy acne-causing bacteria within the skin’s follicles. It begins with the application of a topical solution known as Levulan which is applied uniformly to all of the patient’s acne and skin lesions. Some time is then taken to allow the solution to adequately penetrate the targeted cells.

Once this step is completed, the treated lesions are illuminated with the Blue-U blue light. Treatments often take between 15 and 20 minutes for completion and protective eyewear must be worn during this time. Patients have reported experiencing some slight burning or stinging sensations during the course of the treatment. This generally subsides within minutes or 24 hours at the most.

What steps must be taken once the treatment has been completed? Patients are asked to avoid any direct exposure to sunlight over the next couple of days, even if sunscreen has been applied. Other forms of bright light such as household lights, exam room examination lights and operating room lamps should also be avoided. It is also recommended that patients wear light protective clothing including wide-brimmed hats while they recover.

What other conditions does Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy treat? The treatment has also been successful in repairing sun damage, fine lines and blotchy pigmentation. Such conditions have shown improvement because of the positive effects of combining Levulan and the Blue-U light treatment. However, it is best known as a safe and comfortable solution for controlling acne among teenagers and adults.

Are there any side effects of Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy? As previously mentioned, any burning or stinging sensations typically only last up to 24 hours after a Blue-U treatment has been completed. In some cases, patients experience slight redness, swelling, scaling or crusting which may last up to 4 weeks. It’s vitally important that all patients wear sunscreen and protective clothing during the time they are recovering from the treatment.

For more information on Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.

March 8, 2016

// Skin Care

6 Foods Known For Promoting Optimum Skin Health

There are a variety of ways to keep our skin looking smooth, supple and youthful. But, often, when we discuss these ways, we only consider various moisturizers, creams and lotions. Nutrition, it should be noted, is a vitally important element of skin health. What we eat has a great impact on our skin. So one’s diet should always be listed as one of the ways he or she can maintain smooth, supple and youthful skin.

But what should we be eating? Here are six foods that are known to promote optimum skin health:

1. Avocados. It’s widely known that avocados are incredibly nutritious. Filled with vitamins and lacking in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat, avocados are praised for their health benefits. But as Reader’s Digest points out, “avocados are not just for eating! A good source of biotin, avocados help to prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails. When applied topically, they can hydrate parched skin.”

2. Strawberries. Vitamin C is an excellent promoter of skin health. As EatingWell.com informs us, “vitamin C’s skin-smoothing effects may be due to its ability to mop up free radicals produced from ultraviolet rays and also its role in collagen synthesis. Collagen is fibrous protein that keeps skin firm and vitamin C is essential for collagen production.” Strawberries are a very tasty vitamin C-rich food that can help to ward off wrinkles and age-related dryness.

3. Salmon. Salmon is a widely celebrated fish for its taste, texture and delivery of omega-3 fatty acids. Also rich with Vitamin B-12 and protein, salmon is known for being one of the most health conscious foods from the sea. Reader’s Digest also notes that salmon can help to slow down aging. “Salmon contains astaxanthin, a carotenoid that improves skin elasticity, so you’ll have fewer fine lines,” reports their website.

4. Eggs. Eggs often join salmon as a food that pescatarians (those who eat no meat, but still consume eggs and fish) choose to eat for their animal-based proteins. Reader’s Digest reveals that eating eggs also helps to prevent our skin from drying out. “Protein helps repair cells that have suffered free radical damage,” informs their website, “Eggs, a complete source of protein, also contain biotin, an essential vitamin that protects against dry skin.”

5. Brown rice. “Check the packaging of your skin products, and you’re likely to see ceramides in the list of ingredients,” advises Jennifer Goldberg on BestHealthUS.com, “These lipid molecules, which help your skin maintain its moisture, can also be found in foods such as brown rice. When you eat naturally occurring ceramides, they get incorporated into the outer layer of your skin and help it maintain its hydration.”

6. Tomatoes. It’s pretty difficult to find a list of skin-healthy foods that doesn’t include tomatoes. So, we certainly couldn’t leave it off of this list. Containing lycopene (which is what makes tomatoes red) these great fruits (although most would say they’re vegetables) have the ability to protect your skin from sunburn. EatingWell.com actually reveals some interesting information that confirms this.

“In one study, participants who were exposed to UV light had almost 50 percent less skin reddening after they ate 2 1⁄2 tablespoons of tomato paste or drank about 1 2⁄3 cups of carrot juice daily, in addition to their regular diet, for 10 to 12 weeks,” reports the website, “Supplements, however, weren’t as effective: in the same study, those who received a lycopene supplement or synthetic lycopene weren’t significantly protected against sunburn.”

March 2, 2016

// Skin Care

5 Reasons To Have Your Tattoos Removed

We all make mistakes. It’s simply part of being human. One of the greatest aspects of life is that it offers us all opportunities to make up for our mistakes. In fact, mistake-making is one of the best ways to gain knowledge. By learning from your mistakes, you can become a much stronger and wiser person. Now, it’s all well and good to adhere to such a perspective, but there are some mistakes that are simply harder to erase than others.

Enter the tattoo. While the placing of tattoos on our skin remains a common practice in 2016, it’s just as common a practice for people to have those tattoos removed. What was once regarded as a permanent marking is now often seen as a mistake worth discarding. At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we proudly offer laser tattoo removal as an excellent method of removing what many people consider big mistakes.

But what reasons would people have to remove their tattoos? Here are five:

1. The end of a relationship. Perhaps, not too surprisingly, the most commonly removed tattoos are those of names of former lovers. Evidently, when couples in love decide to get markings of each other’s names on their bodies, they aren’t considering the possibility of a break up. Of course, this is quite the romantic gesture, but it is also pretty short-sighted. If you have the name of an ex tattooed on your body, laser tattoo removal is certainly a viable option.

2. Growing out of a trend. The logo of your favourite heavy metal band in high school may have looked cool back when you were a teenager. But, these days…not so much. Not only is the band no longer in existence, but you just don’t feel that same about their music anymore. After all, you have kids now. If this scenario sounds somewhat similar to your own, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Laser tattoo removal can help you.

3. The change of one’s fashion sense. Tattoos, it can be argued, are fashion statements. Much like the clothes you wear, your tattoos make statements about the kind of person you are. However, your clothes can be removed each and every day. Your tattoos were meant to stay. And while you’ve likely changed the style of your clothes over the course of time, your tattoos remain exactly the same. If your sense of fashion has changed, it’s time to remove your tattoos.

4. A new career path. It goes without saying that many jobs require dress codes that don’t necessarily welcome the presence of tattoos. Quite frankly, tattoos do not convey professionalism in most traditional business settings. If you are looking for a new job opportunity and finding that you’re not getting past the interview stage, it may have something to do with your noticeable tattoos.

5. Knowing they’re just plain ugly. Not every tattoo is a work of art. Many of them are designed poorly and, unbeknownst to their recipients, weren’t destined to look very good when they were being constructed. Many people are embarrassed by their tattoos, knowing that they simply look horrible. Covering them up with clothing is an inconvenience that most would rather live without. Laser tattoo removal helps to remove that inconvenience.

At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we offer laser tattoo removal courtesy of Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers which use PhotoAcoustic Technology. Our lasers safely penetrate the skin and target each tattoo ink colour with specific wavelengths, causing the tattoos to gradually fade during a course of 5 to 15 treatment sessions. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.