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February 28, 2017

// Skin Care

Why Should You Wear Sunscreen All Winter Long?

With March set to begin tomorrow, many Canadians are relishing the fact that winter will be coming to an end over the course of the next month. Of course, most know that even when the season transitions into spring, there are many chilly days still ahead. What that means is that we all must continue to bundle up and prepare ourselves for frigid temperatures. Simply put, protecting ourselves from the winter weather is a must – even when it’s not winter.

What we do forget, all too often, is that sunscreen is a necessary part of protecting ourselves from the winter elements. While most of us associate the wearing of sunscreen with the hot and sunny days of summer, it’s important we’re reminded that the sun’s UV rays can still do plenty of damage in the wintertime. While UVB rays may be weaker in the winter so that sunburns are less likely, UVA rays continue to age and damage our skin all year-round.

How are UVA rays able to damage our skin during the winter? Well, the first and most obvious point to reiterate is that most of us tend to forget to wear sunscreen during the winter. That means that our skin exposed to the sun (our faces) suffers from the UVA rays that continue to beat down on us with the same intensity as they would in the summer.

On EmpowHer.com, registered nurse, Michele Blacksberg explains the type of damage that UVA rays can do. “UVA rays are the ones that penetrate deeper in your skin and can cause skin aging and skin cancer to occur,” she points out, “UVA damage is not reversible. Wearing sunscreen can protect you from exposure to these rays.”

How does the snow make the impact of UVA rays worse? This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve highlighted the role of snow in the world of skin damage. It may appear innocent, lying there covering the ground. But snow, in all of its brightness, provides an excellent reflector for UV rays. That means that when it’s on the ground, UVA rays are able reflect off of it and bounce into the exposed skin of our faces.

On BadgerBalm.com, Jentri Jollimore explains that snow actually reflects up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays, compared to sand which reflects about 17 percent. “If you’re a skier, sunscreen in winter is especially important,” she writes, “UV radiation increases 4 percent for every 1,000 foot increase. If you’re going to hit the slopes, definitely slap on some sunscreen.”

Is sunscreen necessary even on cloudy days? Yes. It’s important to put sunscreen on each day whether you can see the sun or not. Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can still pass through the clouds, reports Blacksberg. “This is how people end up getting sunburn on cloudy days when they have been outside without sunscreen,” she adds.

Evidently, sun damaged skin can occur in a number of ways. And if you’re not wearing sunscreen, you clearly leave yourself more susceptible to sun damage. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we offer a number of safe and effective treatments for sun damaged skin. They include Blue-U PhotoDynamic Therapy, ProFractional and Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation (IPL).

For more information about these treatments, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.

February 21, 2017

// Hair Removal

4 Tips For Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Shaving

Cuts, scratches, nicks, rashes, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. What do they all have in common? We hate them. What else do they all have in common? They are the results of shaving. And most of us have to endure them shortly after we touch razors to our skin.

Somehow, we continue to endure the above mentioned pains, all in the name of having smooth and silky skin. But as we’ve all learned long ago, shaving doesn’t always produce the smooth and silky results that we crave. The thing is, many of us are simply doing it wrong. Or, at least, there are shaving techniques that we need to revamp in order to avoid as many of the pitfalls of shaving as possible.

Here are four tips:

1. Exfoliate first. It’s important to remember to treat our skin with the utmost care. That means that when preparing to shave it, a little extra attention needs to be devoted. In other words, don’t go in “cold”. Exfoliating your skin before shaving will help to give your razor a better opportunity to remove hair without causing damage.

“Exfoliating before shaving is one important preparation step that can help get rid of dead skin cells so they won’t gunk up your razor and hinder a close shave,” explains Paula Mooney on Lifehack.org, “You can even use portable sonic face cleansing brushes to exfoliate your legs and get a good scrub before taking a razor to your gams.”

2. Rinse your blade between strokes. Shaving in a rush – it’s a big no-no that many of us are guilty of. When getting ready for important social events, we always want to look and feel our bests. But what do we do when we’re running out of time to get ready? We quickly jump in the shower and take those razor blades to our legs, stroking up and down hastily without rinsing the blade between strokes.

Stop that! You’re making it harder on your skin with each stroke of a blade that has not been cleaned off after its previous stroke. “As you shave, your blade is collecting shaving cream, hair, and even dead skin cells,” Miki Hayes reminds us on Bustle.com, “That build-up happens fast, and every stroke you make after the first one is giving you a worse shave and increasing your risk of razor burn.”

3. Use fresh razors as often as possible. We all know how expensive the practice of hair removal can be. The money we spend on razors, shaving creams and gels, wax strips, hair removal creams and moisturizers adds up. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t pay to skimp on razor blades if shaving is your hair removal option of choice. Obviously, each use of a razor makes its blade duller.

The duller the razor blade, the greater the chance that it will rip and tear at your skin instead of glide across it smoothly. Ouch! “If you decide to go the disposable razor route, remember to ‘dispose’ of them as often as you can, aiming to use each one for no more than three shaves,” insists Mooney.

4. Quit shaving altogether. At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we firmly believe that the only true way to avoid the pitfalls of shaving is to stop shaving completely. Opt for laser hair removal – a treatment that continues to increase in popularity thanks to its long-term effectiveness and proven safety.

Our laser hair removal treatments make use of the LightSheer™ Hair Laser, which is a revolutionary treatment in the management of unwanted hair. The treatments are virtually painless and are known for producing long-term or permanent results. Our medically supervised hair removal procedures will help you to eliminate the problems associated with shaving for good!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net.

February 14, 2017

// Skin Care

How To Show The Skin On Your Face The Love It Deserves

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today is the day known for when people pay special attention to their romantic partners. And, as it usually has to be explained, it’s not the only day when such special attention should be paid. It’s important to never neglect those who you care about the most. Every day is an opportunity to show them that you love them. And to be honest, this is the same approach we should all take when it comes to skin care.

There is no one day of the year when it’s more important to show your skin some love than any other. This is especially true for the skin on your face. After all, it’s the part of your body that is exposed to the elements more than any other part. Combining constant exposure to the sun, the wind and the cold with the application of makeup, dirt and sweat, our faces go through quite a lot. It’s important to pay them loving attention – each and every day.

What is the first step in showing our faces the love they deserve? It should come as no surprise to you that good nutrition is of vital importance. And that begins with hydration. Dry, cracking, and aging skin can be averted when we nourish it from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water every day is a big part of keeping our skin youthful. Eating a nutritious diet including fruits that are antioxidant-rich and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids is also great for your skin. And, of course, don’t forget your veggies – especially avocados.

“Avocado contains lots of healthy fats that will help hydrate your skin, but dunk bad cholesterol,” explains BeautyAndTips.com, “Avocado makes an amazing natural hydrating face mask too; just mash up some avocado flesh in a bowl, add a teaspoon of avocado oil and apply to your face for five minutes before washing off with lukewarm water; it’s a wonderful, refreshing and nourishing face mask that is not only very easy to make, but is also very effective.”

What are the best ways to keep our skin nourished from the outside? It goes without saying that washing our faces on a daily basis is mandatory. But to adequately unclog pores and remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells, exfoliation is necessary. Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser or scrub will help to keep the skin on your face smooth and clean. Don’t forget to moisturize your face after the cleaning process. You don’t want the skin to dry out.

Then, when it’s time to get ready in the morning, insist upon wearing light makeup. “Heavy, oily, thick makeup can clog pores and cause all types of skin problems,” explains Deanna Sletten on SheKnows.com, “Instead, choose makeup with as few ingredients as possible or use mineral makeup products that will let your skin breath. These products also make it easier to wash away makeup at the end of the day. Your skin will reward you with fewer breakouts and a fresher look.”

How can we rejuvenate our skin once its radiance has been lost? The impact of time can’t always be avoided. And, after a while, we all need a little extra help to restore the youthful glow that our skin once naturally had. At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we’re happy to offer a number of facial peels for both young and old that can help to remedy sun-damaged skin, age spots, acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our peels include the PCA Peel which treats a variety of skin conditions including aging, acne and scarring, and the Medique Peel which specializes in treating cystic acne as well as discolouration and drab skin. If you’re looking to show the skin on your face the love it deserves, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email info@auroralaser.net today!

February 7, 2017

// Skin Care

How Does Sleep Impact Your Skin’s Health?

There is a widespread belief that in order to look and feel our best, we need to get ample amounts of sleep. And that belief is well supported. The concept of “beauty sleep” is a real thing. In order to prevent dark circles from appearing under our eyes, it’s recommended that we get at least eight hours of sleep every night. However, dark circles are far from the only problems that can occur with our skin when we deprive ourselves of sleep.

A lack of sleep can deprive your body of nourishment. As we age, our skin’s elasticity decreases. As a result, we need to take measures to ensure that we remain hydrated by drinking a lot of water and that our skin remains moisturized. However, no matter your age, sleep is required to give your overall appearance a more refreshed and relaxed look. On Cosmopolitan.com, Carly Cardellino explains that sleep is “food for your brain, body and skin”.

She quotes sleep expert, Dr. Rebecca S. Robbins as saying that “during a good night’s rest, your body works to remove dead blood cells and dead brain cells, and clears the pathways for new synapses to take place so that new blood and brain cells can replace old ones.” Dr. Robbins also notes that our brains get rid of 60 percent more toxins from the body when we get proper amounts of sleep.

A lack of sleep can worsen skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. The fewer hours of sleep we get, the more likely we are to be scratching itches. As reported by Karen Appold on EverydayHealth.com, research published in the journal Clinics in Dermatology shows that sleep deprivation can significantly worsen our skin’s health and overall appearance.

She quotes New York’s Art of Dermatology founder, Dr. Jessica Krant as saying “poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis.” Dr. Krant goes on to note that with increased itching comes decreased sleep – it’s a vicious cycle that can exacerbate already hard-to-manage skin conditions.

Sleeping on your stomach will increase the look of bags under your eyes. Apparently, the “bags under the eyes” look isn’t a result of sleep deprivation alone. The position in which you sleep impacts your skin as well. As Cardellino explains, lying on your stomach creates the pooling of liquid in the troughs under your eyes. This causes puffiness that is often associated with a lack of sleep.

Sleeping on your back, therefore, is highly recommended. However, while you’re getting used to this, you may have to combat the puffiness under your eyes. Cardellino recommends that you use a sleep mask “that’ll help prop up your head to keep the fluid in your body flowing downward, instead of pooling under your eyes. If you’re reading this and currently have under-eye bags, grab two soaked green tea bags and rest them under your eyes for five minutes to help reduce the puffiness.”

At the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we offer a number of treatments that promote skin rejuvenation. If you feel it necessary to revive and restore the natural beauty that may be dissipating due to a lack of sleep, please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to learn more. Our painless and effective treatments, including our facial peels, gently remove dead layers of skin to reveal a refreshed and glowing new you!

For more information, call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email us at info@auroralaser.net.