3 Reasons To Book Laser Hair Removal Treatments This Fall

Last week, the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre excitedly announced a brand new special that will be running until the end of October. And it will benefit everyone who is interested in keeping smooth and silky skin for years to come. If you’re interested in getting laser hair removal treatments to do away with the stress and pain associated with shaving, waxing and tweezing, now would be a great time to give them a try!

Anyone who visits our clinic and purchases four laser hair removal treatments will get the fifth treatment for free! But that’s not the only reason to book laser hair removal treatments this fall. Here are three more you may wish to consider:

1. The sun will no longer inhibit your hair removal success.

As we pointed out in last week’s blog, tanned skin is more difficult to treat than lighter skin. This is because the lasers used during treatments are designed to pinpoint darker colours on lighter backgrounds. In other words, dark hair and light skin make for the most successful treatments. During the fall, tanning your skin shouldn’t be a concern.

“Even if you haven’t tanned, prolonged sun exposure could temporarily increase your skin’s heat sensitivity,” explains Cadiz Laser Spa in Round Rock, Texas, “This makes it more likely that you might experience burning or scarring from laser hair removal. With the shorter, cooler days of fall, you’re less likely to be sunbathing regularly, which also means less risk of complications after your treatment.”

2. You’ll save money for holiday shopping.

Throughout the summertime, you likely spent a lot of money on hair removal products such as razors, shaving cream, wax strips and even appointments for waxing at your local salon. Once you’ve completed your laser hair removal treatments, you’ll be able to put a stop to the spending on such things. That will leave more money in your pocket for holiday shopping!

“You’ll save money in the long run on razors, shaving products, and/or waxing appointments,” informs Interlocks Salon in Newburyport, Massachusetts, “So you can splurge on those gorgeous ankle booties you’ve been eyeing, guilt-free.”

3. It’s important to keep out of the sun following your treatments.

Not only is it better for your skin to not have a tan before laser hair removal treatments, it’s also wise to stay out of the sun after the treatments are completed. As Cadiz Laser Spa reminds us, following a laser hair removal session, your skin is highly sensitive. Staying out of the sun is a must.

“Sun exposure would only make matters worse, and could increase the likelihood of side effects like scarring, blisters, and hyperpigmentation,” notes their website, “The good news is that you can safely spray tan after having laser hair removal. So even though you’ll have to avoid the sun, you can still sport a healthy, sun-kissed glow.”

For more information about our laser hair removal treatments, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email amlvc(at)telus.net.

Posted: September 25, 2019

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