3 Surprising Benefits Of Botox

By today’s standards, the term “Botox” is a pretty popular one. Most people know that it is an injectable medication that relaxes muscles and therefore, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. What many may forget is that Botox is actually short for Botulinum toxin – and it’s a medication that can do a lot more than simply reduce the signs of aging.

Here are three surprising benefits of Botox:

1. Botox can treat eye conditions.

It’s true that Botox is often injected around the eye area to help eliminate the appearance of crow’s feet – those lines that surround the eyes and often give away a person’s age. However, as the Ageless Living Blog informs us, Botox can also be used to treat a number of eye conditions including strabismus and blepharospasm.

“Strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes and is more commonly known as ‘crossed-eyed,’” explains the blog, “An abnormality in the neuromuscular control causes this affliction which impacts the movement of our eyes. Blepharospasm is a condition that forces the eyelids to close. You may know this better as ‘rapid eye blinking.’ Botox aids both conditions!”

2. Botox helps to relieve migraine headaches.

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine headache, you know just how unbearable the pain can be. Many migraine sufferers complain that the medications prescribed to them to combat the intense headaches are often ineffective. Thankfully, Health Canada announced its approval of Botox for the treatment of migraines in 2011.

“12 years before Botox’s approval, a plastic surgeon noticed that patients who received Botox were less likely to suffer from headaches,” notes Ageless Living, “It was this observation that triggered further research in this area which resulted in the medication we have today. The treatment is as follows: 31 injections in different areas. The effects are supposed to last three months, after this time further injections may be necessary.”

3. Botox is known to improve moods.

It stands to reason that if a person is able to improve his/her appearance, he/she is bound to feel happier. On Elle.com, Sophie Beresiner reports that Dr. Michael Prager, who is a top administrator of Botox in Europe, believes that relaxed muscles in the face help to alleviate anger, anxiety and tension.

“What most people appreciate about a Botox treatment is that it makes them feel better, whether that's due to their perceived improved looks or changes in their neurology,” Dr. Prager is quoted as saying, “The motion creates the emotion, so if one cannot frown, one might not be able to feel sad or depressed.”

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Posted: April 24, 2019

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