Doing Away With Classic Leg Shaving Mistakes

How often do you shave your legs? Most of us prefer that smooth and silky feel, but absolutely dread having to partake in the age-old hair removal ritual of shaving. One of the main reasons is that it’s time-consuming, it often leaves nicks, scratches and razor bumps behind and it’s expensive to continually have to buy shaving cream and razors! Okay, that was three reasons.

However, there’s a fourth reason most of us really don’t like having to shave our legs even though we want to remove unwanted hair. We’re shaving our legs all wrong! Perhaps, you never knew of this reason until now. Allow us to elaborate.

We shouldn’t shave first thing in the morning.

For many of us, leg shaving is part of our early morning routines. Naturally, we’d like to leave our homes looking and feeling our best, so it stands to reason that we’d hop in the shower equipped with our razors. However, as Natalie Gontcharova contends on, shaving at night will actually leave your legs smoother.

“As you sleep, your legs swell slightly, which can make hair retreat back into its follicles,” she writes, “Rub body moisturizer onto your legs before bed to hydrate skin as you sleep, so you'll wake up even silkier. If you have normal skin, choose a body lotion formula, which is more lightweight; for dry skin, opt for a richer and more nourishing body cream or butter.”

We think using longer strokes makes for better shaves.

Who doesn’t want to make sure to get every last little hair during a shave? Those long strokes we use to maximize the amount of hair removed with each stroke may not be helping us to get the results we want. According to Ashley Okwuosa on, the idea that using longer strokes is a smart shaving technique is a common misconception.

“In order to get the best results, shave in smaller strokes without pushing too hard,” she instructs, “If you constantly have to go over an area more than once, chances are that your razor is dull and needs to be changed.”

We rarely apply sunscreen to our recently-shaved legs.

Be honest. How many times have you lathered up your legs with sunscreen following a shave? Yes, we’re well aware the current fall season and the subsequent winter aren’t times of the year when you’re bound to expose your legs to the sun. However, during the warmer months, when shaving is generally done daily, it’s imperative to protect those legs of yours from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

As Okwuosa advises, “after shaving your skin is obviously bare and more susceptible to the sun’s glare, so don’t forget to stock up on some SPF filled lotion and try a product that’s not super greasy but provides the right amount of moisture.”

At Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre, we’d recommend that you do away with shaving your legs altogether. Opt for getting laser hair removal treatments to do away with the stress and pain associated with shaving. And now is the perfect time to begin!

All October long, anyone who visits our clinic and purchases four laser hair removal treatments will get the fifth treatment for free! For more information, call us at 403-358-5818 or email us at amlvc(at)

Posted: October 2, 2019

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