What Are The Top Benefits Of Chemical Peels?

We’d all love it if we could look and feel our best with minimal effort. But both environmental causes and the inevitability that is aging catch up with us at some point. The end result is fine lines and wrinkles, among other issues with our skin. Thankfully, chemical peels work to replenish the fresh and youthful look we’d all love to keep throughout our lives.

A chemical peel is procedure that resurfaces the skin. The solution used causes the top layer of skin to peel off in order to smooth out the skin’s surface. In addition to reducing the signs of aging, chemical peels help to fade scars while evening out the tone and texture of the skin. However, the many benefits of chemical peels don’t end there.

Chemical peels help to repair sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

With the spring season in full effect and summer about two months away, many Canadians are already planning the days when they’ll be able to literally bask in the sun. Too many of us forget, however, that the act of tanning is the equivalent of purposely damaging our skin. Sun damaged skin, of course, can result in everything from sun burn to the onset of melanoma – a deadly skin cancer.

On DrAxe.com, Jillian Levy explains that chemical peels can help to minimize sun damage as well as hyperpigmentation. “Mild chemical peels can be used to treat sun spots, dark spots, freckles and pigmentation problems that age skin,” she writes, “Peels may also reduce blotchiness and fine lines caused by the sun, making skin look more even and younger.”

Chemical peels help to reduce acne and blemishes.

There are many Canadians who have realized the acne doesn’t automatically disappear after adolescence. Among that large group of people are many who have tried to reduce their acne, only to encounter scarring, as a result. Thankfully, certain chemical peels help to control acne breakouts as well as reduce scarring from previous blemishes.

“They do this by unclogging pores, skimming the surface of the skin to remove blackheads, and depositing ingredients that help to fade post-pimple marks,” explains Levy, “What’s the best type of chemical peel for acne scars? Salicylic acid and lactic acid are often used in peels that are intended to clear acne, while acids like trichloroacetic acid may be applied to fade scars.”

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Posted: April 17, 2019

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