COVID-19 and Moving Forward

We want to reach out to our valued clients to let you all know we’ve been working hard trying to navigate this process & answer many of your questions. We are making sure no one is left out!

There is no opening date as of yet, our books will stay closed until we get the green light from the government in regards to booking Cosmetic procedure/appointments. However, at this time we are STILL taking any medical appointments that are classified as essential, and we are still selling all our cosmetic products curbside!

Please be aware once we fully reopen, we will be continuing a very strict distancing & sanitization guidelines given to us. This will mean, getting everyone in will take some time. We appreciate your patience!

Live Confidently

About Aurora Laser

The Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre was established in Red Deer, Alberta in 1998. Our objective has always been about taking beauty deeper and we believe that it is not just about how you look, but how you FEEL. At the Aurora we know that there are more important things in your world than skin care but our goal is to help you feel your best as you take it all on. We want you to leave your skin in our capable hands so you can focus on chasing your passions and goals. Our mission is to help you LIVE CONFIDENTLY.

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