3 Non-Sunscreen Ways To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

You only have a few days left to take advantage of the June sunscreen promotion at Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre! Until the end of the month (just four days away!), you can save 20% on all Alumier and Vivier sunscreen products. They include Alumier’s Moisture Matte and Sheer Hydration and Vivier’s Sunscreen Lotion. We’ve been running this special promotion all June long, so be sure to take advantage of it if you haven’t already!

Because of this special promotion, the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre Blog has been focused on the benefits of wearing sunscreen in each of its June posts. However, as important as sunscreen is – here’s a reminder that it should be worn all year round! – we can’t forget that there are several other ways to protect our skin from sun damage.

Here are three:

1. Wear loose-fitting sun-protective clothing.

We completely understand that it’s not all that comfortable to wear long-sleeved shirts during the summertime. In fact, most of us can’t wait to ditch our skin-covering clothing when summer arrives. However, by keeping our skin covered with loose-fitting clothing and hats on sunny days, we help ourselves to avoid the potential of getting sunburn, or worse, the onset of deadly skin cancers like melanoma.

“Always pair your long sleeves with a classic wide-brimmed hat,” advises Jenna Rosenstein on Allure.com, “A brim that's at least four inches all the way around protects the scalp and the tops of the ears, where people often forget to apply sunscreen. Those areas are also where many skin cancers develop.”

2. Avoid the hottest hours of the day.

While none of our suggestions entail the avoidance of sunscreen, it’s wise to keep out of the sun when the sun’s harmful UV rays are at their strongest. In other words, avoid the midday sun. The hours between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon are those when the strongest sunlight is beaming down on all of us.

“Find shade if you need to be outdoors,” instructs HealthLink BC, “You can also calculate how much ultraviolet (UV) exposure you are getting by using the shadow rule: A shadow that is longer than you are means UV exposure is low; a shadow that is shorter than you are means the UV exposure is high.”

3. Slide on some shades.

Never neglect those wonderful eyes of yours! Even when you’ve applied sunscreen to your face, it’s important to remember that the skin around your eyes is still quite sensitive. And, to be honest, we often avoid putting sunscreen near our eyes for fear that the sunscreen will get in them! Therefore, wearing sunglasses is the ideal solution to protecting from sun damage.

“The ideal frames are big enough to cover the skin around your eyes and have polarized lenses with UV filters,” explains Rosenstein, “Avoid anything reflective: Mirrors may look cool, but they bounce UV light onto your cheeks.”

For more information about our sunscreens and other high-quality skin care products, please don’t hesitate to call the Aurora Medical Laser & Vein Centre at 403-358-5818 or email amlvc(at)telus.net.

Posted: June 26, 2019

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