The Art Of Protecting Your Face During The Summertime

Our faces can say a lot without our lips ever having to move. Our facial expressions communicate happiness, sadness, anger, surprise and pretty much every other emotion without a word needing to be spoken. We communicate with our faces every day. And, sometimes, what we communicate doesn’t come by way of any facial expressions at all.

Our faces communicate our ages. When fine lines and wrinkles appear, it suggests that one is getting older. However, what is being communicated by way of our fine lines and wrinkles may not necessarily be accurate. Sun damage can age the skin, giving a person the appearance of someone who is much older than his/her actual age. As a result, it’s imperative that we do what we can to protect our faces from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Never neglect the sunscreen.

With the summer season now here, it makes sense to wear sunscreen on a regular basis. Although we recommend the wearing of sunscreen all year long, we know that summer is the season when Canadians spend the most time outdoors. On, Ramona Sinha reminds us to always apply a sunscreen that contains a high SPF before going out in the sun.

“Sun protection for your face, hands, legs, and any other exposed parts of your body is vital,” she writes, “Excessive UV exposure can permanently damage your skin and cause sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, skin cancer, and premature aging. Invest in a sunblock or sunscreen that has a broad UV spectrum (at least SPF 30). Apply it twice a day on all the exposed parts of your skin.”

Keep up with keeping clean.

While an attention to personal hygiene is important all year-round, it’s important to remember that we sweat a lot more in the summertime. Our pores are opened up by the heat, making it easier for dirt and grime to clog them up. Exfoliation is certainly an important part of maintaining good skin health. But as Sinha points out, it’s wise to clean your face with a good quality cleanser.

“Cleansing your face is the most basic skin care routine that you need to follow, irrespective of the season,” she notes, “During summers, the climate is hot and humid. Your face tends to produce more oil during this time, so you need to change your cleanser accordingly.”

Be sure to wear hats and shades.

Especially when you plan on being out in the sun for long durations of time, it’s important to wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses so that you can prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from inflicting damage on your face.

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Happy Canada Day tomorrow!

Posted: June 30, 2020

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